“I am an environmental biology student with an immense passion for art! Animals and nature are my muse. I love collaborating with other artists and creators as part of my work.”

-Molly Fitzgerald

Molly’s art can be found on Instagram @zeph0d for digital art and for traditional art

” I am a self-taught freelance artist that loves video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and my many toed cat. I draw lots of inspiration from high-fantasy settings and I am heavily influenced by MMOs. I first started playing Magic: The Gathering in 2016 after I was gifted a custom deck and have been playing casually ever since. “


CRITRAIDER’s art can be found on Instagram @CRITRAIDER


Twitter: CloudKBD

Instagram: cloudkbd_art

TikTok: CloudKBD

Alisha is an Animation & Game Art graduate who specializes in both digital and traditional illustration. Inspired by music, nature (especially animals!), life and death, and the style of art nouveau, her work combines her passions with the artistic exploration of new mediums and techniques. Currently, she works mostly with ink, colored pencils, and metallic foils.

Outside of art, Alisha enjoys cosplay, costume design, and playing video games that inspire her, such as Okami, The Legend of Zelda (Majora’s Mask being her favorite), and Animal Crossing.

Alisha’s online art portfolio can be found at:

Rory and Amanda Webb are the husband and wife team behind Legends of Aukera and the weekly fantasy webcomic, Legends of Aukera: The Ascendants. Married since 2006, they both graduated from Grand Valley State University, Rory with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video Production, and Amanda with a Bachelor of Arts in Art and Design. They reside in Grand Rapids with their three kids, spunky rescue dog, and basement full of old action figures, eccentric movie props, and vintage video games.

Legends of Aukera was inspired by the many Dungeon and Dragons campaigns Rory and Amanda played. They decided to create their own world, called Aukera, with Rory as the mastermind behind all of the stories, and Amanda as the illustrator. The first of many planned series, The Ascendants, tells the story of Felosial, an elven mage living in the port city of Dagruum, who finds herself caught up in an adventure she hadn’t intended on having. Four graphic novels have been published, finishing up the series.

Mimosa Studio is a small business located in Middle Tennessee that is owned, operated, and illustrated by one artist: Melissa Francis. She specializes in a kawaii style with bold lines, ranging from original illustrations, to fan art interpretations.

Hi! I’m Matt Meyer. I’m a character animator with over 20 years experience working on films including Frozen, Zootopia, Moana, Hotel Transylvania, and more. Recently, I decided to combine my experiences in CGI and my interest in 3D Printing to create fun and appealing designs for people to print at home.

Kim (Kimbolt) Bourrie

I am a gaming nerd down to my very core. I have traversed the wilderness of Azeroth, become the King of Tokyo, conquered fearsome Thunderjaws, been the Great Dalmuti (and the Great Peon), got sucked into space when our ship was on fire, hijacked trains in New Hanover, and made friends with BD-1. I am an avid Kickstarter supporter – a Super Backer extraordinaire! (A good portion of my fun money is spent right here!)

Professionally – I am a multi-disciplined UI/UX Designer and 3D modeler, with over 22 years of professional experience designing everything from games to websites. While working for EA Games, I was responsible for the UI Design for many products including; Minions Paradise, The Sims, and TetrisBlitz. Since then, I have provided services for many titles including Fortnite, Magic the Gathering, Adventure Capitalist, Puzzle Quest, Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game, and a collection of game titles I cannot disclose at this time.

Hex3D Pty, Ltd. are a 3D Printing and Design company located on the Mid North Coast, NSW Australia. We have printing houses located across the globe, so no matter where you are we can ship your project to you!.

We have been heavily involved in the 3D printing industry since 2011 and offer over 25 years of 2D/3D graphic design experience.

Hey guys! Here at Creature Crate we design articulating flexi creatures for 3d printing. We design everything from mythical creatures, cute pets, to robots and such.